About us

Welcome to RAD Contemporary Art & Design Courses!

RAD is a large, creative studio space that provides facilitated learning opportunities in all areas of Contemporary Art and Design, including:

  • Mark Making: Drawing, Painting and Printing
  • Multimedia Practices
  • Textiles, Jewellery and Adornments
  • Sculpture and Creative Construction

RAD encourages young artists to become critical viewers and makers of Contemporary Art and Design by providing a variety of courses that are hands- on and engaging.
RAD Courses tailor to the different skill levels, schedules and interests of young artists. Courses available include:

RAD High Contemporary Art & Design Courses for Young Adults (13-18 years)

RAD Kids! Contemporary Art Courses for Kids (8-12 years)

RAD Mini Contemporary Art Courses for Young Children (5-7 years)


RAD Holiday Courses (7+ years) 


RAD Birthday Parties (5- 12 years)

RAD Studios and Resources
Centrally located with the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Library located only minutes away RAD Studios are in an ideal location for access to art print resources and inspiration. Offering bright, open spaces and high ceilings the studios are split into separate areas allowing young artists to enjoy various ways of working and socialising for creative inspiration.

What is included in the cost?

  • High quality paints, inks, drawing, sculpture and printmaking materials
  • Access to an ever-increasing library of Contemporary Art and Instructional Books for all age groups
  •  Learning from practising artists and;
  • Creative Facilitator Hannah Breeze- 12+ years of teaching & art practice experience

RAD Ethos
RAD works towards a more sustainable approach to creativity with a focus on how to REUSE & REPURPOSE materials. RAD collects safe to use, industrial offcuts & material donations from local businesses for the young artists to use creatively.
We focus on process over product to promote risk- taking and experimentation when working creatively!