RAD Kids Birthday Parties!

Take the stress out of planning activities, party bags and the CLEAN UP!!! Hosting a RAD Kids Birthday Party means we take care of all of this for you, leaving you to enjoy your day with your child.

There are several themed activities to choose from when deciding upon your RAD Kids Birthday Party, these include any one of the following:

  • Outta Space!! Make your own space dream catcher
  • Under the Sea! Designing your own under water world with paints and collage
  • Funny Faces! Using cardboard, you create hilariously absurd, Picasso-style faces
  • Rainbow Unicorn Toy- Colours and sparkles combine to make your own ‘Hobby Unicorn’
  • Make your own: Robot, Alien, Monster or Crazy Invention!

Book your child’s next Birthday Party online and feel free to contact us on: 021 0838 4590 if your desired party date does not seem available, there may be some flexibility.

Price: $245 for party which includes 8 children. For additional children the cost is $30/ per child with max. number of children at 15 per party. RAD requires at least 1 parent to attend a party with up to 8 children, any party with more than 8 children requires 2-3 parents (with no more than 5 in attendance due to space limitations).

When: Available Saturdays only.  Suggested time is 10am- midday- this can be negotiated via email/ phone.

Ages: Designed for 5-12 year olds.

Schedule: 2 hours in duration with approx. half an hour for clean-up, cake* celebrations, food* and presents* (as supplied by parents*).

Includes: All materials for their creation which the children may then take home with them. Crockery and cutlery for birthday food and cake- parents to supply food and drink for the children.