Rad Holidays

These Holiday Courses include fun, hands-on activities with modelled lessons to inspire personal projects and artworks. Collaborative themed artworks will be ever evolving on site and artists can choose to work on contributing towards these collaborations or opting to complete their own projects with access to a variety of resources and support.

The RAD Holiday Courses run for a two- week duration on Monday to Fridays every school holiday. Appropriate for ages 5 to 18.

Fees:  $35 for a 4-hour session (morning or afternoon) and $70 for a full day

Course Timetable:

Courses run for 4 hours in the mornings from 8.30am to 12.30pm and for another 4 hours in the afternoons from 1.30pm-5.30pm. You have the option to book a 4- hour session on any one day or on multiple days (either mornings or afternoons) OR you can choose to book for the entire day (from 8.30am- 5.30pm). If you choose to book for the whole-day we offer a supervised lunch break from 12.30pm- 1.30pm if your child is younger OR you may tick self-sign out at the time of booking which permits them to leave the premises for this hour (ie: the teenagers).

We Provide:

·         A themed creative task where artists are given the opportunity to work collaboratively to make a large, contemporary art installation piece

·         Teaching of specific art skills and techniques

·         Free creative time for all artists to play with a range of selected resources or to produce their own work

·         Access to the RAD library of contemporary art books  

SELF SIGN IN: Young artists may sign themselves in and out of the premises at the start and end of lessons without the need for a parent to accompany them. They are also permitted to leave the premises in the lunch hour without supervision. This is permitted if this option is ticked at time of booking.
[*Please note this is at the parents’ consent and RAD assumes no responsibility for these individuals whilst they are not on site.]

To Book:
Please complete the booking form below, and we will be in touch regarding availability and how to pay.

Monday 8th July
AMPMWhole day

Tuesday 9th July
AMPMWhole day

Wednesday 10th July
AMPMWhole day

Thursday 11th July
AMPMWhole day

Friday 12th July
AMPMWhole day

Monday 15th July
AMPMWhole day

Tuesday 16th July
AMPMWhole day

Wednesday 17th July
AMPMWhole day

Thursday 18th July
AMPMWhole day

Friday 19th July
AMPMWhole day

Participants may sign themselves in and out of workshops each day without the need for parents to accompany them into the building. This also permits them to leave the premises at lunchtime, if they wish. *Please note this is at the parents consent and RAD assumes no responsibility for these individuals until they are on site.

Self sign-in: